Merry Christmas!


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Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and a belated Happy Hanukkah!

in the spirit of the above posts may you all be able to do something JUST for you this holiday season as well something for another. May 2021 be so much more for us all.


Hate it that you come into me
Angry at me. Bbbhgvvvggghbbb
These thoughts.
I need to hookup.
I can't force. Gggggggggthitjith.
This sucks.
I don't know if I'm angry BC men sent kinder..

It's not going to matter.
Hdht nobody cares about you.
Bbbbbbbb sorry that I'm a loser.

James what are you looking for?
If I had the man of my dreams what would I say?

Can you love me?
I need a dad.
Say if I couldn't get his attention..
Feel angry.
Like now. I'm bored. I'm trying.
So I have a small dick..
I don't understand why do I need love?
I'm dreaming.. you don't know you.
You are like your cousin
You are a girl
Why do I want to get angry pissed off
Figure that on your own.
You are the problem,. You will kill herself yourself, maybe.. laughter
When is my dad going to fkn pick me up?
My dick size matters
To them!!. I have to erase everything
That way nobody gets hurt
I'll forget everything, go eat everything, hate my life and then I'll die
That way my cousin's get the life they deserve
Thanks for living my life
Now go fuk up everyone!


I think moving to a new city isn't bad.
I know my situation will stick.
But kindness wins my heart!
I can't feel bad for a community who doesn't care about each other.
This last note was for me..
I'm really tired of getting angry...
God bless you guys here ❤.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!


How are you doing James?
Wanted to be a boy
A kid
I was thinking that I eat lots at bedtime
I want to know who I am.
I just want to help.
I'm angry, getting used to living here.
I am horny..
Slow down.
I get angry when I want to be a boy
I'm in my 40s now
I'm angry. I don't want to be like my father or his brother.
My cousin's didn't like me
To know who to go to.i have friends, I don't go to themhhhgg sometimes I get frustrated
I don't want to blame anyone, how can I make shit up?
Sperm donor said this
When I'm alone I start telling people in my addiction group how to get through it
I didn't want them
When I showed my penis it felt like the world hated me
I feel ashamed, and so I eat to fill my emotions
I do this all the time
I get adventurous.. where and when do I go to my family?
I'm embarrassed?
I feel lucky.
Thanks for being there Malesurvivor
Hugs ,