Mental illness and trans

The Bluefoot

My Son is 27, a very smart, cutie of a boy. Not just saying that because he is my boy. me and my husband adopted him late in live he was 16 at the time. he has a small case of CP ( Cerebral Pulse he walks with a limp) He has been living with us on and off since he was 16. He went to college around 19 and found an other boy and married him. 2 years ago the marriage fell apart and he came back home. The covid hit and we all became much closer with each more. He need a skin graft done on his arm for a very bad burn to his arm He burned it a few years ago on boiling water. The 2 operations are now done and he plans to return to us in a few weeks. Last night we got a text from him that his best friend who is trans overdosed on pills. A suicide attempt , his best friend is on 6+ meds for schizophrenia. My son has been throw so much in life. He was talking to his friend via text and he just stop texting he thought he fell asleep, did not realize he had dozed at that moment. We are trying to explain not to blame himself. That he just has to be there for him. His friend lives on long island and both me and my husband promises to drive our son at any time to see his friend at a drop of a hat. Our son does not drive. He has told me That his friends is 21 and is MS from his Birth father This OD may have been caused by the fact his birth mom is to be remarried next month. Just a guess. Thanks for giving me a space to vent.
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