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My introduction...

I'm 45 years old, married with two daughters, and I am just now realizing how damaging my childhood was. I was sexually abused by my older sister, her friends, my aunt, a neighbor, and I’ve got a lifetime of being a pervert and questionable behavior. So, hello everyone.


Hello and welcome. Thank you for your openness. I know you will find acceptance and understanding here. I hope you are able to heal and grow.

The Bluefoot

Welcome you have taken the first step on your journey of healing. You all understand what it is like to live in hell. You find many here just like you.; Please read our stories and ask a lot of question. I understand what it is like to be abuse by many different people. With time and there is no rush you tell your story. I have found the more I tell the more comes out of me the better I feel. Again welcome.
I am sorry for what happened to you but grateful that you are part of this community. I wish you strength for your healing journey. It isn't an easy journey but it is worth it.
@SleepyMonkey - welcome. This is where you start. This is where you should find love, empathy, and compassion. And there are great resources in terms of other guys who can help you, as well as a lot of reading that will give you insight into yourself.

The biggest to-do when it comes to healing is to find a therapist, who is qualified to counsel those of us who are survivors of trauma and childhood sexual abuse. My suggestion is to find someone who says they treat those things, and who practices psychodynamic and / or psychotherapeutic therapy vs. someone who only uses Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT). Do you have a therapist you are actively seeing?

Again, welcome here. I hope your visits here are extremely helpful to you.