Clergy Abuse Me vs. UMC (United Methodist Church) ⚠TRIGGER WARNINGS⚠

Interesting that the church won't comment because "we believe in the sanctity of preserving the privacy of individuals who filed complaint" given that you made the newspaper aware of the problem and are quoted in the article. I think the one's who privacy is being preserved all work for the UMC. Ass covering is a well developed talent for bureaucrats of most institutions. But you made your point and the newspaper printed the story. I guess that still leaves working out some form of financial settlement to pay toward your therapy. I wish you well with that, but it seems at least this chapter is behind you. You did well. Deep respect.


Kal, thanks for sharing the link to this page. I read through the page and really respect all that you you have done. You are a very powerful person. My best wishes, brother, as you go forward
As much as I don’t like it, only because it’s just inherently wrong of a religious group, I agree with @Visitor.
When I first read their reason for not commenting, I was at a loss for what to say. Visitor seems to have articulated it quite well!
Good job, both of you!
Apparently some time last week, SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) shared the article on Social Media Platforms (Facebook amd Twitter). I found this out this weekend Lee at WoR. Due to this and my experience at WoR, I decided to go ahead and share the article openly on my own IRL Facebook page.

All responses have been incredibly supportive.
There must have been an initial shock (for lack of a better word) at finding that out. Congrats on the courage to personally share it. I too was amazed at the positive response that I received, especially from this anti-all-that-associated-stereotype things here.
I should clarify... I sent SNAP (and a few other places) a link to the article. They were the only place to share it.
Because of my multiple Facebook posts regarding the article, I was finally able to get in touch with [Rev. "GH"], my old pastor who stood with me in 1987 during the in-person meetings with UMC. He, too, never received the letter (which was addressed to both of us). We have had a nice chat and will stay in touch. He says he had often thought of me and prayed for me and wished me well.
It seems many elements of this process have been healing for you Kal. It must have felt good to reconnect with a person who stood next to you as you first addressed the abuse. This is really inspiring for all of us Kal. Thanks for sharing things as they unfold.