Male Survivor Peer Support Group in Pittsburgh, PA

Greetings all,

I'm a therapist and peer working at Compassionate Counseling in the Brotokline section of Pittsburgh. We'd like to start a peer support group for males 18 and above who are surviving the consequences of unwanted sexual advances. If this is of interest to you or perhaps someone you know, please contact me through PM and let's put our heads together on this. I look forward to hearing from you.


Right on!
More support groups ...I hope one day there will be more
help for survivors ( Warriors) than McDonald's around the world.

And thanks for putting it here Sans Logos.
Hope everyone is doing well.
If not bitch at my post.
I don't mind.
Sorry Sans Logos , I don't want to ruin a beautiful
Sorry, I just angry when it cant all go perfect.
Thanks again.
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Time for another bump! Hope everyone is doing well.

Report on this effort: I've gotten a lot of inquiries (not necessarily from Male Survivor, but from other sources as well). A lot of guys are simply still in the pre-contemplation stage with regard to their healing journey.

We'll still be here when that shift happens. :cool:

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