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The last few weeks I have been trying to get help dealing with my csa issues. I am looking at a therapy group, however, it is 40 miles away and I have to take public transportation. There are probably other groups and therapists who I can see, but this group and therapist does not conflict with my work schedule. It is sad as my schedule is only Thursdays through Saturdays from 6:30 pm - 7 am. Another problem I am having, however, is that therapy in general is just way too expensive; this group I am considering costs about $240/mo plus about $95 for each individual session. I do have insurance, but I may or may not change it as it is currently open enrollment through my employer. So far, all therapy programs I have found are out of network, and once I satisfy my $1500 deductible, then my insurance will cover 70 percent. I have until March 13 to decide on what plan is best. Right now I am going with a high deductible plan with an HSA. I really need to get some help.
Hi TW16,
Did you have a chance to look over the "Survivors" section of this Malesurvivor website? There are links and suggestions to finding help in our many different regions and location. It might be a benefit?

Here is the directory, click accept to acknowledge the use agreement.

this directory is a state and region/country list for crisis help the added benefit of checking with them can be more lists of potential groups, maybe other links to potential therapists too. I initially called RAINN for my first contact. They gave me a local number, and there were 9 free sessions offered at my local center. It's worth considering.

Browse our MS, Survivors section. Both of the links I'm sharing are from there.

Best wishes.

Congrats on starting to put yourself first and seek quality help. I fully understand the travel time factor as I am in a rural area and travel an hour for my T and any medical specialist - really a bummer if they run late and for my recent retinal surgery consult I saw the doc for 6 minutes but missed most of the day to get to a 1215 appointment that wasn’t done until 4 plus the two hours round trip... and insurance never covers the missed work or travel expense.

You are lucky to have a survivor group available - I have located only one and it is 2.25 hours away just can not do that. So I finally found a good trauma T invthat 1 hour range and treat with him and he is in network but I have the hsa high deduct plan so a lot of visits are out of pocket —AND worth every penny! Hang in there and keep putting tour self first.


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Thanks for the comments.

I want to clarify that the groups I have found are not necessarily for abuse, but for related problems, such as pornography addiction, sexual addiction, etc. I have not yet found a group that deals specifically for sexual abuse.

I looked over the directory, and I would like to get more information regarding the Weekend of Recovery events. The page states I need to e-mail someone, however, the problem with doing that is I do not have an e-mail address that does not contain my real name. Is there another way to communicate with someone to get more information about the WoR's?

Could you create a new, more anonymous email address? Google makes it pretty easy to switch between accounts in Gmail. Or do what I do and use two different web browsers - one for my primary email, and one for my secondary email.
TW16, Thank you for posting this. I’m glad to see this thread, I hate asking for help and your post opens up the door. Insurance is a killer, and as a single father, it’s tough. I dont know what to really do. I’m in Alaska with a great support network for women sexual abuse, anything for men is out of my ballpark... And I’m walking a thin line in keeping myself from folding.

Sometimes I feel even a phone call would help, but it’s not enough.

Thank you for posting this TW16.


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I found a program that might help, but the problems is it is about 40 miles away, and it would cost about $270/mo. Why does therapy have to cost so much?