Lights, Camera, Action


At the dentist today I had a realization. I usually disassociate when I am there and have to work hard to stay present. This time it hit me that what I find hard beside the oral aspect, is the bright light that they use over you to see into your mouth.

I have found that really bright lights make me disassociate.
I go back to when I was being used to make porn. So the lights, being laid back and having stuff stuck in my mouth makes going to the dentist difficult.


I hear you. It is hard to stay present when present circumstance brings back memories of terrible things done to us.
But...YOU DID IT. Congratulations. Plus it sounds like you made a new connection in your mind. I find that is how I grow, through little by little facing similar situations to my past and dealing with them in more empowering ways. It is messy but real. I hope you have someone to talk to further to help you process this, because I would hate to see you avoid the dentist.