Laughter not always amusing.(trigger warning)


I was assaulted as an adult by a woman who just wouldn't stop. Oh, that's not so bad right except it brought a major dump of past pain, fear, loathing, and just panic to the surface. I was numb disassociating for days after. I was in a very difficult situation as I had 3 little kids to care for as my earlier hijinks of self-sabotage had caused me to break up with Mom. I was major depressed and trying to live up to that standard and be a man. Now I have been hospitalized twice in 3 weeks and finally getting help point is when went for help 6 years ago the 2 people I tried to talk to laughed at me. I kept at it and eventually was helped but it sucks. One day at a time and never give up or never quit asking for help. I almost did and I am glad today to be here.

The Bluefoot

Abuse is abuse. When it happens it's does not matter what age you are when it happens. T is the best thing to do and talking about it hete and with others who had the same experiences. Things will get better in time. Find a hobby to reduce the stress.