kissing the ring at the VA

Tomorrow we have to actually physically appear at the VA. it is part of a deal we made, we show up in person every six months, take our meds, and they leave us alone.

We always feel pretty safe up here on our mountain, surrounded with the fences the wire and the cameras, and other items. Our opsec is strong. when we have to leave the compound for other things we take our opsec with us and do all we can do mitigate risk. But there, they strip it all away, and our behavior becomes less predictable.

We will take maximum opsec in our vehicle. When we are forced inside we will own the space. It is the only measure they cannot take away from us.
This brings up all kinds of concerns, and a whole lot of anger for us. We want to have a good exit strategy, but they strip away so many of our protections and put you in a little box negating the plan we would usually go with.

we learned the hard way, a long time ago, that they an use your words against you later. as a result we say as little as possible

any suggestions you have are welcome sirs.
I meet with a VSO on Tuesday. I understand the diligence. I have come to realize I speak a foreign language so most don't understand me. I wear the labels as camouflage.

betrayed boy

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hi iaccus i hope you made it through the ordeal today did they allow you to keep the dog by your side at least ?, sometimes you have to play their game sorry to say, BB


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Glad it was a win! Good for another year?
Good to hear you are not locked up and it is good that you feel it to be a win.