Just some things i think about Effects of abuse

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I was abused by my stepmother and had to leave school and home just before I was 16
Reading stories in here makes me feel my lack of education It's easy to tell who has an educated mind The way thing are explained so clear and so well organized
The words the spelling always correct
I get what your saying I learn from what you say How you say it I'm not jealous or envious but do feel inferior and sad I was successful and a leader at my job
The same one basically since 1958 till 2000 at the end a staff of 12 ful ,time and 30 or more part time at this time of year
I don't know how unless it was just hard work and the love of power I felt after being abused by my stepmother and her boyfriend when I was 10 to when I left at 16 and always under their control and trained to obey Somehow I never learned that lesson to keep doing as I was told My first 10 years of life I was trained to be self reliant l liked that and it was done in a loving way and has always stuck with me I feel sick about little ones who live through he'll from the beginning
I used to tell my 3 kids you don't have to be. the smartest but stay healthy and you can always out work anybody else on the job Always tell yourself Think Think Think
And always put things. In the right place before someone tells you to But I am still uncomfortable around women and always desperate to appear like a man's man Like the good book says shame and guilt shall follow me all the days of my life
OOOOPS Guess I got that guote wrong
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