Jeffrey Epstein dead!

anger, hate, disgust. He got off easy, instead of a lengthy trial and the punishment he would have received in prison beyond just the locked doors.
God forgive me, I am glad he is dead.
From what I have seen, most perpetrators of this sort of evil are never brought to justice of any kind in this life.
I am surprised to see all sorts of conspiracy theories on facebook regarding this person's death.
Nothing ever happened to the man who raped me or the woman who brought me to him.
Nothing ever happened to the woman who used me for her own sexual gratification.... all of this happened to me when I was a little boy and it had a profound effect upon me....
I do believe that justice is absolute in eternity....
Nevertheless, yes, we should work for justice here and now.
I am still glad he is dead...
No tears from me that he is gone. I hope we find out the names of others in his abusive trafficking ring and put them all on trial. I will never understand such cruelty. It makes my blood boil that others were knowing participants. I hope they all go down hard.


Took a lot of names to the grave with this "suicide". Lots of rich people sleeping easier now. Shitty all round.