I've started drawing again

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Something I loved to do as a child was draw. I did it all the time. All kinds of doodles and pictures... I don't remember when but it stopped at some point. I remember thinking I was too old for it. But also was interested in other things like video games and girls.

I bought a sketch book and some pencils about 9 months ago. I had drawn a few things but then put it away as life was particularly challenging going through divorce, not having a home, losing my family, identity, and all the upheaval that comes with those things.

I've been settled in my new home now for a few months and have started drawing again here and there. I even posted some of it to Facebook and it was all very well received and encouraged.

I drew a picture this morning and while the lack of skill shows, it makes it's point... Whatever that point is. I am both daunted and confused, but at the same time encouraged. It feels like progress. Somehow.

Jeremy Doe

Hey Bacon,

That's awesome news and congrats. I'm learning that abuse steals a person's childhood. And whereas that time can't be given back, it's never too late to reconnect with that younger self.

I've always admired people that can draw. People who can make their mental process manifest in a way that can be seen visually, that's a skill. I'm happy to hear that you're doing that. And whereas I'm sure drawing is its own reward, I'm glad you're getting the encouragement from your fb social group.

As for skill, don't consider your current ability as a lack of skill. When it comes to art, everyone has a style. And that style changes as you get more experience. But everyone's style is equally great. Like if you were to compare cubism to say realism, you could compare and contrast and judge or evaluate it, but when you look at examples of each, they're both art and they're both good. What you drew and what you will draw is no different.

I'm really happy to see that you're drawing. Not sure if this forum allows for attaching pictures but would love to see what you created.

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