It was 3 years ago when I was on here, and I am back.


Today was one of those strange days where I found myself a bit depressed, and I tend to remember the negative shit that has happened in my life when I'm feeling depressed. I'll be 42 next month, I am still single, no kids and now, at no fault of my own, no family! My auntie disowned me, my mom disowned me, and one of my Uncle's disowned me, all for different reasons. I have a few friends, but life has took a drastic turn for the worse when it comes to family.

I just find myself going back to when I was 11, and being raped my a 16 year old girl. It's the strangest of circumstances, trying to tell myself that it was okay and that I should be happy that I got so lucky AND YET nothing about that was anything nice for me. Not going into the details, but my story is posted on here.

My sex life has been fucked up since that night. And now that this FAMILY fiasco has happened I just find myself not trusting anybody anymore.

So I am just saying hi right now. It just feels better that other people know who I am, so here I am saying hi.
Sorry you're having such a difficult time right now.

I don't feel like I can really say anything useful.

So I'll just say hi back.
And hope things get better for you.
And, we're all here for you when you need support. To talk and vent.




thanks and the reply is good enough. Things will get better one day, of course I have been telling myself that for years.