involuntary movements TRIGGER WARNING


Over the years, I have noticed that when I'm triggered, I not only tighten up my body but I also feel my head involuntarily moving to the right and down as I get more and more over stimulated. like when I was being abused I would do that to try to make myself smaller and I would go numb and pretend it wasn't happening. If things got really bad I would start to feel as though I was being penetrated.

After I was triggered by my T last week (entirely not his fault and not intentional at all) I was really feeling rough. I was having sensations of being raped and my head was doing that thing again.

I shouldn't have been driving, but as I got going on the highway my head tilting got worse and uncontrollable. My head started roll my head back farther and my mouth started hanging open. I was sure I was about to have a seizure (which I've never had before, but I've seen my brother have them all my life). It was so scary bc I was driving like 70mph and I had no idea what was going on. I'd never had it so bad before.

It took me two days and falling and breaking my elbow and face to stop having these symptoms.

What is wrong with me?!
Sounds like Body/Muscle memories going berzerk. Did you tell your T? Do they allow you to text them if you are in crisis? (THAT would qualify!)

Healing light

I used to have similar in the sense of I was having flashbacks , these do sound like body ones
anyway of driving so far and then doing some grounding after T
I used too it helped me