Interesting article **Warning: possible triggers**



I have to note an implied constant thread of apologetic "Well, maybe this happens, but..." throughout. Very academically oriented, lotsa references, but worth reading, especially for the case examples. I'd love to know what the rest of you make of this, so please don't hesitate to respond; just because we're "rare among the rare" (stastically speaking) certainly does NOT mean we deserve less of a voice!
Couple of points to consider. First, the article is dated. It is over 20 yrs old (since the data was gathered) and the research has evolved since then.

Secondly, Underwager and Wakefield have been out of the mainstream of sex offender researchers and pretty much are discredited as offender apologists.

If you want to get more involved in the literature, let me know and I will obtain citations for you.
I read a good portion of it and agree with the "offender apologists" idea for sure.

Time and time again they continually stated that" most offenders are male but.... Actually I was getting the feeling that every time they made a statement about offenders, it was almost always a "men always do this but..." kinda thing.

Very minimizing, but trying in some fashion to say, "yeah it does happen, BUT men....."

And personally while we might be "statically rare", I think that is only the case becuase most men don't tell. I think as more and more men open up, the statistics will show that it isn't "rare" at all as far as abuse is concerned.

I know, it could be troublesome for some people... the idea that women can be just as evil as men.....
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Thanks Ken-
I guess it is outdated, but i didn't know those two had been discredited... like i said, the tone turned me off, but i was more interested in the case studies, since some facts could be gleaned if the apologist slant was ignored... if you have links to more recent and solid studies, by all means post them; not only might it help us SFA folks in our recovery, it could help non-SFA people who happen to come across it undertand us a little better... especially the F&F who are in our lives.

dark empathy

Agreed there Scot, I got the same feeling, but I did notice the dates on the studdies. also, I didn't like the bit about "Men didn't considder it abuse" sinse it sounded too much like "well so it was okay" To me.

I'm not surprised as to the lack of legitimacy of these two.

Also on a personal level, whenever they were talking about the emotional needs of female abusers I felt bloody awful. So where does that leave me?

dark empathy

Agreed, the tone didn't appeal to me, especially as it also seemed to state several times that it either the boy felt lucky, or that the poor woman was really looking for emotional intimacy and wasn't really bad just lonely.

Needless to say I was't impressed with that one, but it's good to here the profession has moved on from these sorts of views.


Also agreed Ken, didn't realized it was out of date (thank god for that).

The big one for me was, "we need to re-evaluate how we evaluate what sexual assault is...........................especially?? for men."

Apparently at the time :).......sexual assault were two different animals for men and women.

I heard you Ken, with the whole "dated" point. Maybe you could let us know know what the "advancements" have been since then?

Cause I'm actually part of the "majority", as in a biological persuasion ;) as in "men", and they assault more. Wondering the relevance to my life. Maybe I should be more "appreciative" of those poor poor women.

Sorry Ken, you know it isn't directed. Just didn't like the DEFENCE of "EDUCATED" Doctor's, regardless of the timeline.

Kinda, you know, Slavery was Ok because we were just a little ignorant back then.

Just wondering what the "educated DOCTOR'S were trying to point out. Just a little confused what the DOCTOR'S point was.

Sorry, I have anger problems lol ;)

Stay strong
I've got a 24 page pdf file on female abuser articles and books that was compiled by a colleague of mine in 2004. I don't know if it's been updated since then. If you want a copy of it, pm me and I will copy and send it on to you. If you are really a serious student of this, I can contact others and find out whether anyone knows of more recent literature.


I also have a few research studies and some articles on my site if your are interested in finding some more recent materials. If you click on the Research/Data category it will let you find them all easily