Information and a song

Today we were having some difficulty and decided to take a look at what Higher Grounds is on their calendar for Monday. Higher grounds is a veterans organization and if you want to know more about then you can find them online. Looking at the calendar we saw an entry marked "Higher Ground is proud to be co-hosting the upcoming screening of To Be of Service. A feature-length documentary directed by Academy Award-nominated Josh Aronson about veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who are paired with a service dog to help them regain their lives." It appears that this new "film" is being screened on November 10th in LA at a place called Laemme Music hall. The song linked below was done for the movie by Bon Jovi according to the producers of the film. If you are a veteran and interested in a service animal one can be provided at no cost or at a substantially low rate by contacting Shepherds for Lost Sheep in Vanderpool Texas. That is where our wonderful service dog came from.

Was looking for something to watch on Netflix today and discovered the documentary
TO BE OF SERVICE is available to watch! Just finished it. A great deal of truth is spoken. A difficult, but a good watch. be well brothers.


my dear friend ...

I'm sure veterans, spouses, family and just friends who deal with the PTSD epidemic in the US, in Canada and perhaps in other countries
will thank you for this information.
I know how very important your dog (Chelsey?) has been to you and how she has helped you so tremendously.

((( iaccus )))