Im yearning for help now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please so sad


First, hi everyone it is so depressing to know that when I approached a church official about my abuser , he is still around and I saw him, and he has talked to three young men about sexual inuendos, even tho these three men are 20- 24 years of age, he is still preying on their minds, thats how he started with me 20 years ago. three years ago I went thru a divorce and my ex ,told people about my abuse, but never mentioned her sucidal tendencies,,etc, the counselor we were seeing even tried to let her know different things. she divorced me and I miss my kids, I have gone back to school but I cant even bare the thought of going to class, I have been working with Michigan rehab, they have denied me services for almost 2 years, do I fight back, I feel like I have too, also the university, discriminated against me, told me I hade to take classes in order to receive financial aid, more classes than i wanted to take, then I couldnt keep up with the class load, then I go talk to my advisor, she tells me that I have to stop procrastinating, they now think I have dsylexia, no one ever tested me for that, I was admitted two years ago to univ, I have adhd, but there are too many chiefs in charge, and it seems that everyone wants to pass the buck, and no matter what office i go too, too many damn people doing nothing and then they dont even tell you hardly anything, You have to find out for yourself, what a money making racket business it is appearing to be like, Who do I call about help in obtaining funds, after all the ada law is on my side, and I feel so hopeless, Im now crying , thanks for listening

As Iam in Christ,
I pray for u all, please pray for me

yearning for help now!!!!!!!!!!!!




I dont know much about the school system at the level your at, other than it is a beurocratic mess and then some, about all i can do is offer my support for what your going through and my sincere wishes that things start working better for you real soon.

Hang in there,



I hear what you are saying, just keep trying to bring this out into the open, however you feel able to. My abuser was connected to the church as well, it was over 26 years ago, and I feel that they covered it up.

Hang in there, and really push on with the counselling - I'm sure it is helping me.


michael Joseph

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I have tomorrow off, I could drive up to G.R.
to talk, or what ever.

Let me know soon.

michael Joseph

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