I was sexually exploited by my female teacher


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I am new to MS. I had regular sex with my female science teacher from the time I was 12 until I was 15. I didn't know that it was child abuse until I was 40. I am 52 now and still dealing with the wreckage from my past. I'd like to connect with other men who have been through "voluntary" sex as a child with an adult woman. Thanks.



Welcome to the site. I'm sure the guys who had similar experiences to yours will soon find you here, and I know you will get a lot of support. You're right to put "voluntary" in quotation marks, of course. A 12-year-old boy knows hardly anything about sex, and certainly not enough to agree to have sex with a teacher an an informed choice.

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Many of us are abuse when we was a child.
But mine is a little bit in my time, I was abuse by my female college instructor.
Her husband is always in out of town business my age gap to her is about 6 years.
Whenever I do have problem in her subject, she always calling me to go at her house.
Let say she is totally hot one but she keeps dealing with me my grades, that's why she always having sex with me at any rate I can't refuse anymore since you can't attain to stop your body while having a hot sensation.