I was minor raped by woman, who now has child. Need help!

I need some help. I'd like to speak about what happened 5 yrs ago.

I was victim of rape when I was 14 yrs old. by Jane, who was 18 yrs old and a friend of my mother.

This happened in July 96' Jane offered to take me to the mall while my mom went out. Jane's sister stopped by and picked us up, after the mall, we stopped at a store and
Jane's sister got some groceries and then dropped me and Jane off by my home, Jane didn't leave though she walked me down to the pool area, she had brought a few items in a
paper bag. Jane offered me a Sprite in a cup, she also poured a larger bottle which at time I was unware it was being "spiked" by her with liquor and
I don't remember what had happened to me after that other than feeling dizzy and tired, Jane had helped me home and thats all I can recall,
I awoke the next day feeling ill and confused.

I called my father and told him about lastnight and concerned he decided to visit. My father had assumed Jane done something to me that evening and told me and my mother to stay
away from Jane. He looked up Jane's phone # and contacted her family and don't know exactly what was said. But my father told me Jane was put into a
psychiatric ward of a local hospital.

My father spoken with a police officer a few days later and he questioned me but I couldn't remember at the time if anything happened so there wasn't
a report taken but the officer said to my father that if it was rape the statute of limitations was 10 yrs. And later that year we moved to Jacksonville, FL.

In 98' my father found a court summons in the mail for paternity testing, while I was at school. Jane claimed I'm the biological
father of her child in the court papers. Thats when my father confronted me with the news. I couldn't believe this and how she could do this to me!

My father contacted the Judge and State attorney and mailed a letter explaining that I was a minor and this was a statutory rape and there
was alcohol involved.

The case against me was a civil court action and I had no money for defense lawyer and no ability to
appear in court myself or place to stay out there now that we've moved.

The court didn't offer me to submit a blood test and confirm this was infact my child and the Judge ignored the letter sent and ruled default judgement of paternity against me.

The State of Florida had known my age and Jane had confessed to the crime when filing for paternity against me. The Judge,
State attorney and Police were called and they wouldn't help file charges against Jane when I was a minor.

In 01' I had no choice but to go out there by myself to file rape charges against Jane. Because my mom, who is disabled has recently become very ill. And my
father is taking care of her. The officer had taken mine and Jane's statement and she admitted in the police report to the crime. And when she was asked
why she listed me as a father and admitted to the crime. She said "had I known at the time listing him was admitting to the sex crime. I wouldn't have filed charges against him."

But the State attorney said Statute of Limitations ran out on the charge of "lewd and lascivious" although the State of Florida knew this in 98!
And wouldn't begin to look into "sexual battery" even though SOL is still running because they don't believe me. The officer
told me the court will never believe that a male can be raped while drunk.

The Dept of Revenue is now threatening contempt of court if I cannot pay the child support payments, I'm currently -$6,000 debt. And they've
already filed to ruin my credit record now that I'm an adult.

I'm unable to work in the condition I'm in. I've been living at home for 5 yrs now, my parents have helped to support me.
I dropped out of school In 98' and my father says I'm "shut down completely" I haven't left my home since.

I haven't sought help until now because no one takes me seriously that I was raped, even when Jane admitted to it!

A doctor at Memorial hospital of Jax, told my father that I have PTSD or "post tramatic stress syndrome" and a form of agoraphobia? But I haven't
been diagnosed or treated for it.

What Jane done to me has made my life unbearable and the State of Florida taking action against me and wouldn't even prosecute
Jane for the sex crime is iniquity. Jane has a child, I have no custody rights and I don't even know the child is mine!

But the state is willing to hunt me down to collect. I don't know what I'm to do.

To make matters worse, every few days I get a bill from Dept of revenue in the mail with threat of legal action if I don't come up with money.

Please is there any help that I can get?


Brian B14


I recommend you get an attorney. If you can not afford one, I would contact the victims rights board in Florida and see if they can help you. There also has to be some kind of "fathers rights" group somewhere in your area. Although they may not be able to help, they could be able to point you in the right direction. Your story may sound very bizzare to a lot of people, but I have no doubt something like this could happen.

I wish you all the best,




I believe you.

She is a criminal, you do have rights here.

The SOL issue may not be a done deal, i dont know what kind of legal services are available there in florida but you would be very wise to get out the phone book and start calling anyone and everyone listed to see if you can find a sympathetic ear and get some proffesional help with this.

When your in front of a judge on a paternity matter that is all he is looking at, he does not care about how the child was concieved, all he wants to know is who is the father.

You will have to get the other matters in front of a different judge in a different court to get any consideration for your side of what happened.

The DA's office and the police may not be willing to file but that does not mean at all that you can not file a civil action to recover damages from her.

I would be looking for an attorney that handles civil actions and is big on victims rights, i think with some digging you will be able to find someone who will be eager to take the case.

Beyond all that legal jazz, dude, my heart goes out to you, to be taken advantage that way and then just pretty much ignored is unbelievable to me, i hope your able to get some help with a therpist so you can sort out some of this for yourself.

You have been assaulted in a horrible way, this is not right at all, and Lee, it is not going to stay this way, ok? It will get straightened out, your parents need to go to bat for you, you need to go to bat for you, you have to just keep reaching out until you find someone willing to help you straighten this out that is in a position to get things done.

I hope you stick around here some and keep talking, this is a good place, lots of good people here, it will get better.




Dont even worry about your credit record right now, tons of people get into trouble with their crdit at your age, it is something that you can work on later, it does not need to even be addressed right now.

Get to work on getting some help for yourself with the PTSD and the agouraphobia stuff, ok? Thats what is important right now, next in line is the paternity matter and the rape, i think i would trying to work on al three of those at once.

I will be rooting for you from here, ok?