I Want No More

I Want No More

he travelled far
in his old car
has hidden me
no one can see
me on the floor
I want no more

his house is small
like me
he's tall
he has a bed
I'm in the shed
the floor is cold
I want to hold
my bear, not here
shaking with fear
here on the floor
I want no more

and then it's light
I'm outside
in this foreign land
can't understand
what people say
should have let me stay
on the floor
I want no more


Darren, I like the way you explore moving in time and space and how that movement coincides with your emotional state. My own abuse happened either with the neighbor who lived next door or in my own house, so physically I did not travel. However, emotionally--mentally--I traveled millions of miles when it was happening. When I first read this poem I did not feel a connection with it. When I re-read it, I suddenly took that leap with you.
Thank you, I get it that the poem didn't speak to you immediately. It is an older poem, I wrote it about 5 years ago. Lately I am thinking about my grandfather a lot. He dragged me from country to country, on the run. I was totally disconnected from everyone but him. And I think that disconnection spills into the poem.