I thought this was normal, wrong as normal. Trigger Warnings..

My story is so crazy I closed it off for years hoping that somehow it was really how things are. Their are some who are older who may have known the phrases used. My mother finally starting to talk about the past as she aged but it still would eat on her when she was coherent. When she did talk about us growing up a lot of things fell into place.
My fate was sealed before I was born according to mom. Because my older brother had infantile puberty, which runs on both sides of the family. I had not known that before nor had I really considered that for some reason. Also pop's younger brother was born for the same reason so it to ran on both sides as well except mom was the youngest so she "wore the skirt". So I conceived because my older brother needed some way to release his pressure and not ruin the girls ventures. It was funny how many others felt the same, they had rather their son take a younger boy than get a girl pregnant.