I Swear to God


Swearing (as an adult) when you're raised a catholic is like being the baker at a candy shop.

Fuck Catholic School! Am I right?

...I went from Kindergarten till 8th grade and I hardly can remember "the good times." Jesus Christ it sucked! But, I got my God in early in life so I don't have to talk to that guy much. Only when I need to "speak to the owner"

ok, peace be with you or some shit.


Jesus fuckin Christ, watch your language, Goddamn it!

And don't let the nuns hear you call them bitches, or they'll lose their shit! '

Sinning is Winning
About 2 or 3 times a year my counselor will preach a sermon on Sunday. I asked him one Monday morning how it went the day before and he said "Well, I didn't swear!" I celebrated his victory even while I was dropping the F bomb minutes later.