I have a bad relationship with food...

For years now, I’ve thought it was hysterical to take love songs and substitute the word ‘love’ with ‘grub’. More times than not the song still makes sense...

Here a few of my favorite Grub songs.

“Endless Grub”
“The Power of Grub” by Celine Dion OR Huey Lewis
“Grub Stinks” by J. Geils Band
“Crazy Little Thing Called Grub” by Queen
“I Want to Know What Grub Is”
“True Grub Waits”
“I’m Gonna Dress You Up With My Grub”... all over your body. By Madonna
"Whole Lotta Grub" by Led Zeppelin
"Is This Grub?" by Whitesnake
"Make You Feel My Grub" by Adele
"We Found Grub" by Rihanna
"Cherish"... your Grub by Madonna


That's funny actually....I do the same thing but with the word Bud! It's similar. I call my brother Buddy, or Bud. He doesn't like it at all, so I just do it when I'm by myself and riffing on songs (I know, I'm weird). Some are my favorites mirror yours:

“The Power of Bud” by Celine Dion
“Crazy Little Thing Called Bud” by Queen
"Now That We Found Bud" - O'Jays
"No Ordinary Bud" - Sade
"Bud Will Find A Way" - Pablo Cruise
"The Things We Do For Bud" - 10cc