I don't understand.


Wow, that was beautiful and powerful, CT.

Just so you know,, many of those thoughts you shared could have been pulled out of my tired, old brain, too.

It touched me very much to read and feel a little less alone. Thank you.
Get some rest Mr. Dan, i'll put on some peaceful garden zen music and come back while the stars and moon are out to start a fire near the beach. This is just painting a picture in my mind, lol

..if we watch over each other, we will feel safe to rest our bodies and minds from the damage. This belief that we can be a support system for others like ourselves is a great way to start the healing on all levels.

ugh, i'm sorry many of those thoughts are what you have felt. It's extremely hard to face them and not disassociate, or detach/become numb.

let's not be lonely together! That, makes me smile and want to hug you. We will ultimately be "okay." Now how about some snacks?! :) :)


CT, I read what you wrote. And it touched me - as your words often do.

And I have to reply. But others have already said the heart of what I would say too.

CT - you are loved. In spite of it all... you are loved. Don't ever forget that. You are loved by guys here, and you are worthy of that love my friend.
Yes, I hear you. I see you. I feel you.

I have to write that down and read it to know that this is true. I feel that love. Its what i've been missing in my life. Love from people that don't know me but know the true me. The authentic me.

Gosh, this is cool because I admire your posts so much. You write so well, everything is so easy to understand, concise, eloquent, thoughtful, organized and I can understand what you mean right away.

I write from the heart, i'm honest and even if it brings me tears that no one sees--i am truly happy to have made these connections here.

I feel safe.
I'm in a safe space.
No one can hurt me here.

Thank you for taking the time to reply my friend ❤