I can't deny what I believe, I can't be what I'm not, I know, I know - I know this love's forever-That's all that matters now (Boyzone-No Matter What)

This body, this mind, this emotional being was raped – but I am at my core a conscious entity who inhabits this body, whose mortal experiences are held in this mind and this emotionality – but the soul – and my core – the spiritual being at my core is untouched by this violation – the person who raped me –the person who used me for his/her own physical, mental, emotional purposes did hurt all those aspects of me in ways so profound that I am still processing it – but that act did not touch my soul – instead, my soul – my spirit - is learning how to love better – how to receive and, having received, to, in turn give love to others particularly to others similarly impacted.
May this be so as I learn to better experience the peace – the calm – of knowing that I am loved – that I always was loved and always will be loved – but not to be content and to just rest in that love except as so doing empowers me to love others – and that I do all this not in my own strength of will or character or any feeling of inferiority or superiority or anything but faith in - and dependence on - the one in whom I live, move and have my being - I do so by resting and experiencing God’s love.
I experience this love now. I experience this love forever by living in it now - and realizing I always did even if I was not aware of it - ministry is spreading that awareness.