I cannot know


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I cannot know your pain, though my heart should break

A hundred times more

I cannot know, I cannot.

I cannot know loss, save loss that is mine

Though time reverse to count the days gone by.

I cannot know, I cannot.

I cannot know what is in your heart

Beyond a token shown in what ways we humans do.

I cannot know, I cannot.

I cannot know the depth of evil which roams this cursed world

Beyond what effect it has on ones such as us

I cannot know, I cannot.

All these things I cannot know, I cannot know and yet,

Because we join in fellowship the mystery is less.

I cannot know what brought us here, that mystery was sealed

But would I have it differently?

I could not, I could not.
None of us can know exactly why each of us is here. Only that pain brought us to this place.
It brings a togetherness, fellowship.

I love it how the repetition puts emphasis on what we don't know, and that it doesn't matter.
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I know that what you wrote is an excellent poem and I know I like it! I know we are blessed to have this outlet and all the kindred spirits that are here supporting one another. Thank you for sharing!