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You don't have to. Truth is truth. We are asking people to respect the boundaries of our personhoods. Infant circumcision, in the absence of (very rare) medical needs, is the opposite of that since there can be no consent.

I know men who were horribly injured by their "routine" infant circumcisions. Ask these men what they think of it - it's mutilation, clear and simple.

Now, is this a debate useful for this message board? Probably not. Men have very strong opinions about their penises, obviously, and most men tend to favor whatever his parents decided to do to his own penis, consent or no.
I don't where this is coming from so can't comment on the conversation that provoked this response. I can only say I recall the angst a good male friend had when his first child was born... a boy, and the question arose whether to circumcise him. He is Jewish and hence the issue. He was very active in the men's movement and couldn't imagine circumcising his son. But he eventually decided after lengthy discussion with his wife who'd converted to Judaism during their courtship to have a bris. Right or wrong, religions have practices they feel are important and for Jews this is one of them. Of course, that was thirty years ago. My friend might feel different today, though I don't know.

I was circumcised as an infant and the argument I always heard was this it is "cleaner." What a load of crap that was... but I didn't have a vote. But then children seldom have voice in decisions parents make.


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We prosecute female genital mutilation and promote male. I Drank the kool aid had my son circumcised as I was. Not a decision I would ever make again recently attended my first Bris and literally fled the home at the earliest opportunity...understanding the religious ritual being observed by my friends I could only obsess on the fact that but for religion this innocent babe would not have been mutilated.

A very important subject. Societal change must start somewhere


I wasn't circumcised and sometimes I'm ashamed of it because I've internalized myths related to HPV. But I would never get rid of my foreskin! It's related to general shame about my penis and by extension my masculinity.


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