How necessary is therapy?

Straightforward question, since it really isn’t an option where I live. What are the chances of healing without it? I want to think I can do this.
If you have the right support system(s) around you then it can probably be done without therapy. If you have people in your life that can & will understand, no matter what it is that you say or are going thru, then I say go for it. I don't have that, so therapy is the only place I can openly talk without fear of judgment, repulsion, disgust, & abandonment.
Thank you for the responses. Therapy just really isn't an option where I live, unless it was some form of virtual, which I don't think would work for me. I am fortunate to have my wife, who is my total rock, and knows enough about my past to be understanding.
Not easy to start even now i still struggle with it being told i am not a bad person or to blame. It also has lead to other non CSA stuff that hurt me that i think impacted a lot. Being told by my dad to be a good boy, dont upset my mom or she will leave. I realize now that fucked me up. Or him teasing me about my weight as i was a chubby kid.

Therapy is helping on understanding my childhood and being able to get things out. I never really admitted the mental comments was abuse and impacted me like the sexual stuff.
I do my therapy telehealth and it works for me, so you might consider why it won't. It's pretty common and most insurance will pay for it. I've gotten the same thing out of it that i would have in person imo.


I can only say what has been true for me. I don't believe I would be where I am without any therapy. Admitting I needed help and finding it was the toughest and bravest thing I did in my recovery. I have used telehealth in the past, and it did work well. I imagine with video it's even better today.
Gosh wow.... What a question!
Actually brings back memories.... Memories of a place of lots of pain and confusion and being scared completely out of my mind. I sure hope that you're not finding yourself in that situation.

But as Dan said... I highly doubt that I'd be where I am today if it weren't for therapy. I hated going, even though I knew I needed it. I'm not thrilled about it not being over yet. But again... I see the benefit of it. It really does help. And in many situations over the past 6 years, it's been an essential outlet.


The best advice I got was: "Don't do this alone, get someone who understands trauma and let them help you." I then turned to a wonderful therapist who I've worked with virtually for a year. We've never met in person. His work has been miraculous. It's not been an easy year; but...I could not have done the work I've done on my own. And I shudder to think where I'd be without the help I got this past year.