How do you set boundaries with females


Hey guys. Something occurred to me this morning...I'm surrounded by demanding women who just push, and push me to the point there is usually a huge burst of anger, an emotional explosion, then I get calmed down and just nicely do as I'm asked or find a tactful way to deal with the situation. It's and exhaustive cycle. My wife is on this list of women and she undermines every thing I say and do with my sons. They don't respect me or anything I say. It's so frustrating. Some days, I think it would be best for all of us if I just divorce her so at least she won't have opportunity to undercut me.

In short, I realize looking at past and current relationships, I am surrounded by demanding women who have this power over me. And my wife has become one of them. I don't think she has intentionally set out to "victimize" me again but it happens. It's like I've surrounded myself with abusive women and I keep trying to please them until I can't do it anymore, I get angry.

Anyone else experience this? How have you effectively dealt with boundaries with current relatioships or have you had to move on because they just can't be fixed? Please share your experiences. I really want my relationship to work with my wife...but I'm afraid I can't communicate what I need to communicate to her to let her know, I just can't take this anymore.

Thanks guys.