How can I help?


I will keep this intro short, and add more as needed.

I have underlying anger issues, directed toward my specific abuser, and in general, anybody that perpetuates CSA. I want to help, eliminate and educate, people about CSA. Nobody should have to go through, what we have gone through. And those who have, need more help than I received.

Does anyone here have any ideas? I am probably too old to become a counselor. But I am willing to be a spokesperson for a national or local campaign. I am willing to tell my story, if it helps just one victim of this shit. It will be worth it.

Thoughts from the community here? How do you all help address this plague?
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i dont think your ever too old for therapy , it could make your golden years just a litter brighter you never know,, i'm 62 been in T for 7 years now and my life is deff. better for it,, cant hurt to look into it, bb.
sorry i misread your post,, i'm not sure how you can help perhaps look for something local dealing with abuse.