Hi there


Hello everyone,

I'm Mat. I'm 25 years old and slowly starting my journey of healing from all the things I experienced (to give you an idea: physical and emotional abuse by parents/family until I was 19, grooming and sexual abuse 14-15, MST at 21, loss of a partner by suicide at 22).
I found I had repressed a lot of the trauma as well as the effects on me until I left the military 8 months ago and while I'm still in the earlier stages of healing, I try to be hopeful for the future.

I hope we can all find some healing together

The Bluefoot

Welcome Mat, Sorry for what brought you here, happy you found us. Here you learn how to deal with hell, and and work on your journey or recovery. You meet many people like yourself and we are all here to help. Please read the stories and ask lots of questions when you feel the time is right post your stories and feels, getting it out of your brain will help a lot in time. Thanks for coming.