Hello To All !!!


It's been a while since I have been
on here. I am not sure many (if any) of you
remember me. I sure hope somebody out there does. I think my last post may have been in March or April of this year.
"So hello again!"
It's been a long recovery. I am still going through my "DBT" sessions. For a while I dropped out of doing much of any counseling. I just got too exhausted and felt like everything in my life was revoling around my rape. So I had to take a break. I think it was a very good for me. Now I feel ready to handle my recovery and to actually focus on the help that others give.
It feels good to be back where so many people are dealing with some of the same problems as I. Keep in touch.
;) [email protected]

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Gadzook, welcome back, and Yes I remember you. I joined NOMSV back in Feb. agian, welcome to you and your help. bosishere