Hello, I have registered & Questions

I'm Japanese male survivor, live in Japna, and my first post here.
There is no information about male survivors in Japan.
So I'm very pleased to find resources for male survivors in this web site.

I have several questions about NOMSV and "NOMSV's 2001 conference".

I would appreciate it very much if somebody could kindly answer these questions.
They are as follows:

*As for as male Sexual Abuse/assault, is this conforence the biggest in the USA?

*How many people usually take part in this conference each time?

*Is NOMSV the most famous organization on male survivor in USA?
Are there another famous organization on male survivor?

Thank you!


NOMSV Conference 2001 is the bigest attented Conference that I know of, but you can contact NOMSV to get correct attendence numbers.
USA, National Male Sexual Victimization,
biggest group for men's who have been sexual abused when we where younger.
Welcome, I hope to read more later, with more of your questions. :)
fmighell Anc Ak

Mr. fmighell
Thank you for your kindnees.
I will contact NOMSV.
Again, tank you!

Hi UrsoBear

Thank you for your post.
I was abused by woman.
When I became 39 years old, I was PTSD and started some counseling..
I am recovering slowly for some years ahead.
But these memoris of mine make me feel sad very much.

I would like to go to the 2001 conference, if possible.
But I think NYC is distant from Japan. :)

I saw Survivors UK until just few minutes ago. It's very good web site.

Thank you for your some adviese.
I was very glad to talk to you here.

I apologize for my poor English.

Your English is excellent. Don't apologize. You will find this site to be very helpful. Good luck to you.

Hi, big bear

I was happy I could make myself understood in English.
Since I came this forum, I did not feel lonely.
I would like to visit here sometimes.

I am looking for the best book for the male survivor, not for the profesional, that I can translate into Japanese.

Thank you for your post!

The best book for the male survivor, in my opinion, is "Victims No Longer" by Mike Lew.

michael Joseph

Hope to see you at the conference.
I am glad you and I both found NOMSV.

Hi,michael Joseph
I'm glad to see you too.
I'm a College Teacher(histoy of China),too.
Take care.