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Hi there,
A brief intro to me. I am aged 68 today and as my handle suggests I travel around this huge country.

61 yrs ago in Malta, my mother disappeared suddenly. Two weeks later my father told myself & 2 sisters, mum was dead. We had 3 days to "deal with it" then we shall never speak of her again.

This was bad enough. But a few months after this, I was in an old Knights of St John's fortress ( there were many from the crusades and defending the island from the Ottoman Empire) I was caught by the watchman, dragged to a room deep in the bowels of the fort, & there he assaulted me.

That's was the start of 8 yrs of hell, and a lifetime of unhappiness, loneliness, fear, failed relationships, broken family ties, alcoholism shame. But an iron will to forge on through.
Today I am relatively happy, but still plagued with depression and sexual issues. I pride myself in never having touched a child, or sexually abused another person since I got out of school at 16.
I shall start to post my story, which by definition is long. But for now. This is me, glad to be here.


Welcome Traveling man! I am so sorry for what you have went through in life, and losing your mother at a young age. Although I have lived much less then you have at 27 years of age, I am certain of one thing: you are not alone and your story deserves to be heard. Thank you for taking the initiative to share with us fellow survivors. We are here for you and believe you. Take as much time as you need and most importantly, take care of yourself first. We are ready to hear your story and guide you towards healing with our collective support.

Welcome to MS. I'm so sorry for the experiences that brought you here but glad that you have found us & introduced yourself. This is a great community of men who offer support & understanding to one another. While what you experienced then & now as a result is unique to you, you are not alone my friend. Take care of yourself & best wishes.


Hello Traveling Man,
Thanks for sharing your introduction. I am so sorry to hear that you lost your mom and then to be assaulted too. You must have been in total shock. So you were about 7 when that happened. I was 7 turning 8 when I was raped by a 14 year old boy. That went on for about 9 months. It totally messed me up. My shame and guilt and low self-esteem I’ve carried all my life. I am 65 now and guarded those secrets like shackles for many years. You came to the right place. It took me almost a year to write my story. So take your time and stay with MS. There is some great help here and you will see you are not alone.
Also I went to Malta once (part of a cruise) and plan to go back in October.
Take care of and love the little boy you who was abused. He was so young and had a lot of difficult things to deal with. That boy, you, did the best he could. Tell him that…