Hello and Thanks

Hello Everyone!
Just checking in. I check postings several times a day and the resource they provide for my recovery is immeasurable.
I was so excited to have stumbled into the chat room and found fellow friends form the site there! I had checked numerous times to no avail but scored at last! It was a wonderful supportive experience and I hope more take advantage of this opportunity.
I am, I suppose in a suspended state currently, after a lot of intensity, which I shared here recently. I am still having food problems but am getting decent nourishment. This is a cycle for me and I could loose a few pounds after the other side of the cycle where I gained weight for protection during the time I was with my wife prior to separation. My beliefs, concerning weight and protection. I really thought I had a digging session starting the other night but I meditated and read and prayed and left myself alone. I just really wanted to start in on this one spot in my groin and kept going to it and exploring. Very thankful it passed.
For me a spiritual basis is the only way for my recovery to progress. Comes from the AA background no doubt. I personally believe for me any recreational drug would be escaping the feelings and I choose today not to do them.
Only wanted to post and thank all in advance for that next round that is on the horizon. The cathartic value of the intensity and even though suicidal desires is incredible for me. A new space follows.

I shall survive and heal.

Thank you guys.