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I was on Malesurvivor once before during five overlapping years of individual and group therapy with a different username. It's been ten years since group finished and I've been without a group and nine years since individual therapy came to an end and I don't know if that was the reason for a massive low five years ago which I didn't recognise as depression before it was too late, that was hitting rock bottom and it took the entire family's help to bounce back from it. I'm doing well at the moment but want to make sure I don't make any mistakes that put me back into depression.

So whilst I've been doing better I'm coming back to MS as I might as well resume being on a forum which was a major help when I really went all out to get all the therapy I could starting Xmas 2006 and then like I said, did all that therapy work for five straight years. Long term the plan is to get back to a group of some kind, non-structured and local to begin with so I will post in the Classifieds folder about that later on. For the moment it's good to be back and I'd like to thank one of the staffers (Nathan I think) for the personal welcome.
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This is a great place to spend time wherever you may be on your healing journey. Many of us arrived in desperation as life closed in on us and the echoes of old traumas were too loud to ignore. Being with men who understand helps, as you know from your time here and later in a group. Personally, I imagine I'll maintain a relationship with this site both for the support I receive and for the opportunity to support other men who may be struggling. Your involvement can be great or small, but my guess is you'll find what you need at this time. I'm glad you signed up for another round with your brothers in healing. Welcome back.


Welcome back. I've gone through your situation, too. In and out of therapy. It's easy enough to see when I am not making much progress. Tough to know when to resume seeing a therapist. You have a down day or a down week. Is that it or is a long slide just beginning. Wish I had great advice. I don't. But welcome back.