Healthy romantic relationships


As a survivor, I find myself romantically drawn to female survivors, as well as women with troubled pasts. There are a few reasons for this. For one, women with a reasonably 'normal' childhood and life find it hard to understand what I've been through, or to just understand why I am the way I am. Or for that matter, to put up with my quirks and peculiarities.

Second is the problem of getting ghosted. After revealing some details of my past, it's not at all uncommon to hear nothing at all again from that person. Folks with a typical background can have trouble dealing with, or sometimes just believing, some of the things that happened to me (and other survivors.)

Third and final reason is that I have a great deal of trouble making any any kind of advance or initiating sex with a woman without feeling like a creepy pervert. So I tend to end up with whoever is willing to make the first move, which (for whatever reason) happens to be women with similar backgrounds.

TL; DR I guess the best way to phrase this is to ask, "Is it possible for a survivor to have a romantic relationship with someone with a relatively untroubled background?" Can such a person accept our pasts, and odd quirks, fears and other issues? Is it possible to establish a deep rapport with such a woman?