Health issues anyone?

Hi, The original driver to my healing process (before I was aware of my history of childhood abuse) was the onset of severe auto-immune illness. I've recently found a website describing in great detail the connection between childhood adversity (of which sexual child abuse is certainly one manifestation) and chronic illness later in life. (see: Chronic Illness Trauma Studies ). Are any of you dealing with a similar dynamic?


I was told by my allergist that that's what may have caused my later development of asthma. I read the above study and it makes sense. It is well known they psychological issues can and often do, manifest themselves in chronic illnesses.
google ACE test made by the C D C it tells all about the connection between abuse and health issues its a 10 question test very easy to do
After reading the articles on ACE from the CDC, some of my ailments appear to have been contributed to by all the different kinds of abuse I had growing up. My ACE score was 10. Wow.


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Yeah appeared asthma here well after 50. Never smoked. Live in clean air rural area.then I saw the double digit higher incidence among survivors. Damn perps
Interesting conversation... I've been having skin eruptions the last year and a half despite a very clean diet. Rashes will come and go. I've no idea what it is all about. It is difficult to imagine this is abuse related but stranger things have happened.


Yeah I think my psychosis was triggered by my abuse (which I've read is common) I have schizophrenia since age nine. I was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder in 2018. And I have asthma, severe bradycardia with a pacemaker, and congestive heart failure.