Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Theoretical Model

I found this paper and think others may find it interesting as well.

In the paper they describe characteristics of the observed individuals in their study through four different stages of healing from CSA.
There's a lot more to it than this table, but it gives a good overview and a little taste of the paper as a whole.

Grappling With The Meaning Of the CSAFiguring Out The Meaning Of The CSATackling The Effects Of The CSALaying Claim To One's Life
Life patternsLiving a troubled lifeLiving a troubled life, with some positive experiencesLiving a life of troubles and successesLiving an empowered life
ParentingPassing on the abuseWishing to stop the abuse cycleAttempting to stop the abuse cycleStopping the abuse cycle
Disclosure of CSAKeeping the CSA a secret;
Disclosing the CSA indirectly;
Disclosing the CSA indiscriminately
Discussing the CSA to make sense of itDiscussing the CSA to strengthen a new understanding;
Discussing the abuse to pass on wisdom
Disclosing the abuse to help others
SpiritualityHaving no meaningful or comforting spiritual connectionHaving some spiritual connectionsExperiencing a spiritual journeyExperiencing a spiritual transformation
AltruismBeing aware of the suffering of othersThinking about helping othersBeing compassionate;
planning altruistic activities
Engaging in altruism