Healing Circle - Every Sunday Night

C. E.

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Yes it is, Beardpool! Just hop into chat at that time. Chat can sometimes be a bit finicky, so best to try it out before the appointed time so you are familiar with logging in, etc.


How does the chatroom work? In normal chatrooms when there are more than three other people,I can't type fast enough and get ignored. I NEED that not to happen in a healing space.
In HC when you have the floor it is yours. people type FB for feed back and after you are finished they get their opportunity. It works well you should come and check it out. It is Sunday and Wednesday evening 9:00 pm est.


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This Sunday was canceled, but Wednesday is likely. It's 8pm Central, going West, then 7pm Mountain Zone, and 6pm Pacific Zone?

That's for Wednesday, and Sunday when group meets. Some things cause a cancel, like Memorial Weekend.

Best Wishes.
Yes, the Site is up. It functions. Yet it's not functioning completely as we need/want it too.
There is a continuing process of fixing bugs, making changes, and figuring what we can afford.


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Iaccus it appears there is still a LOT of work ongoing to bring security and stability to the site. Check out the latest post by Nathan Lachine. I am assuming hc is on hold until even more bugs are resolved ... chat though nice and interactive has also been chaotic and at times perhaps triggering...wondering if there is interest in just meeting in chat and going to the tree house for more focused time at our normal time?


wondering if there is interest in just meeting in chat and going to the tree house for more focused time at our normal time?
The main room can be a bit chaotic to be sure, and you're right, triggering. I too would enjoy an organized chat room.


Hi, I would like to join one of the healing circles. Can you give an update on days, times, and availability?
Perhaps we should look for an alternative online space. There are many 12 step groups on the net. Maybe we can see how they do it...
I'm not sure how the Healing Circle works, but could we use the chat feature on this site? I thought there was a way to have a chat separate from the main chat.