Healing Circle - Every Sunday Night


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Hi Leroy and welcome to Male Survivor :)!
Healing circle is great tool in recovery, it is on line group session. You just need to be at time of start in chat room and you'll get invitaion. There are some protocols while there (you'll get instructions), basically there is order when and who is talking/typing and it is facilitated by one person so it is much easier to follow talks comparing to chat. It is nothing complicated, it worth trying :)!
At first page of this post there are instrucions: http://www.malesurvivor.org/board/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=370348&page=1



that appears to be 2 am in the UK
as long as my illiteracy is acceptable to the group
then i would love to join

love and light


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Although I'm new to the Male-survivor site, I'd enjoy meeting up with the Healing Circle, beginning Wednesday of next week.

Would welcome this opportunity to listen to others. Have I been listening to self for decades in a rhetorical sense the answer is yes to some extent yet I've been sensing a power greater then self, which continues to guide me; ust curious to know where was this power when I was being abused. I'm certain the answer will present itself the more i connect with others like myself)

As a spiritual person I'm interested in learning the views of others who have also experienced childhood traumas. The intent is to help me maneuver around the obstacles which I create. I have acquaintances yet my friends I would have to say are all in the spiritual realm (because they can't inflict pain) sad yet it is my truth which I've have come to love and accept.

So I would enjoy being a member of your group...let me know and thanks for two things and they are setting up the group and adding spell check (I'm such a terrible speller)




Yes. If you want to join in the HC, just be in chat Wednesday night at 9 pm ET. Anomolous, who currently hosts, will ask if you want to join in. If you accept the invite, you'll be moved from the Lounge to the HC. It's really cool, if you ask me. As for this thread, it's active but it doesn't get lots of contributions. Hope this helps.



I tried to log into chat on my phone. Is there a solution for that? I have a galaxy note 4. If that makes any difference. Would be nice to log on if I can


Terry, to my knowledge there is not a dependable way to log in. Some folks have made do with a flash app, but it tends to not cooperate well with the site.


Healing circle is Sunday's and Wednesday's if there not cancelled. 7 pm mtn time or 9 est.
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Hello healing circle admin is there anyway i can get someone help me write a letter to my grandmother by proofreading and asking for there opinions on the matter? 1 should i read it to her or not. Understanding that ultimately its my decision but would like to here input in the room of im to soft to harsh or good or bad idea>>.? I kind of wanted to poll the group and or whoever might be of interest I have a word version that i can forward if you are interested in helping me out thanks guys ahead of time for even considering it sincerely M2112


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wreckage said:
What are the starting times? I gather one at least is Sunday nights. Thanks.

Both start at 8pm Central Time, which is my time. There's one Wednesday and Sunday unless there isn't. I've seen it couldn't happen when only a couple guys showed up. It's then just the guys talking, not a moderated groups.


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Is this still ongoing? If they're still going at 8pm Central Time, that's only 9pm for me and I'd love to get in on this.