Healing Circle - Every Sunday Night


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This is a drop-in group separate from the general chat. If interested, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines below, and come join in.

[font:Arial Black]Healing Circle[/font]

In order to promote orderliness and a sense of safety in this environment, some structure and rules have to be in place:
  • What is said in the room stays in the room. Confidentiality is important in dealing with sharing sensitive subject matter. If you wish to share about yourself in any threads, then that is totally up to you. The exception will be information we wish to be shared to enhance the site or site management to make MaleSurvivor safer or more effective as a place of recovery.
  • Check out with the room before leaving for the evening. Dropping out without a graceful exit tends to raise questions with others like Did I say something wrong? If you must leave quickly, try to send the facilitator a quick PM and he can pass that on to the rest of the room. Try also to understand someone may be having technical difficulties that necessitate an unplanned exit.
  • No personal attacks or name calling of any kind on other members of the circle. We are all looking for support here, not criticism.
  • Information gained from sources outside of the circle (i.e. chat, PMs, etc.) should not be disclosed inside the circle. Confidentiality should be maintained as a two-way street.

Meet in chat at start time and you will be invited into the private Healing Circle room.

Below is some information on how the meetings work, please print this out so you can reference it during the meeting.

When we start the Group, there may be some short announcements before check-in time. Afterwards, when check-in time has arrived, type CI if you would like to do a check-in. If you feel inclined to pass, simply type CI pass. Check Ins should be a sentence or two about how you are doing

If you have a specific issue to share for the evening which needs some length of time, during check-in time would be the best time to indicate that time is needed for sharing. Simply state that you could use some time or need time. In a two-hour time frame, the maximum number of people who need time is best kept at four or less. If we have eight people needing time, no one would get any productive sharing or feedback for the evening. If there happens to be time after everyone has shared, anyone else who wants to share will be notified via PM that there is X amount of time left if they wish to utilize this.

Always type done when you are finished sharing feedback, questions, etc, for your turn. This indicates to the facilitator that the next person can be called upon to share their feedback, question, etc.

If you feel compelled to offer feedback for someone, simply type FB and when the last person who was sharing types done you should be called upon next. Once in a while a person may get skipped amidst the managing of a busy room, and one of us relies on another to keep us up on who requests feedback, so please be patient if you were overlooked, and you will be called upon. If you are the one who is sharing a specific item and desire no feedback, please let the room know by typing
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do you think it would be possible to have one a bit earlier?
This one starts at 3am for me..

I really wish we could have an earlier starting time. I am on eastern daylight (soon to be standard) time and it just does not work any earlier for me. We will be looking for a solution for you guys half a world away from the east coast.



Just come to the main chat room a few minutes before starting time and the facilitator will come and ask who wants to join. It's not that scary or difficult, so don't worry. There's one on sunday too, same time.


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Jeff, it entails whatever you want to discuss whenever the floor is yours. It can be personal, or a topic.



Jeff don't worry about speed or spelling we have some of the worst of both kinds here. Just take your time and let it out.
I know Healing Circle has helped me alot. Mike13
Hi, my fraternal brothers.

Healing Circles are a huge tool in my recovery.

It is in a SAFE place. A closed safe room.

What is said there stays there. Let it all hang out.

Rant, rage, shout. You will not be judged.

You will receive all the compassion, understanding & love that each and everyone of us so richly deserves.

You might not agree with some of our help.
We are not there to hurt you in anyway nor do we ever want to alienate you.

Give it a try.

Heal well, my brothers, heal well.

"I will take that lost boys hand, and I will lead him from the depths of darkness, into the sunshine, forever into eternity." As he is me.



I'll be there if I can on Sunday. I'm not sure whether I'll say anything or not. I never know how to join the conversations in online chats but I do want to see how it goes.


I might not make it Sunday night. The screen on my computer got busted and it hurts to look at it. I've been using a wii for internet access but it wasn't able to handle it when I tried checking out the chat room a few minutes ago.
My brothers,

To participate in a healing circle just be in the chat room on either a Sunday or a Wednesday evening before 7pm Eastern time. When the moderator comes on line he will ask anyone here for the healing circle please type HC. Do just that.
Then he will leave chat and go set up the room. When he has the SAFE room set up you will see a screen pop up ACCEPT or not. Click on accept and then you will be in a safe room. "Safe room" means that only those in that room can see and read what we are talking about. What we discuss in there stays there.
The moderator runs the healing circle. He will in the beginning ask you if you desire floor time (FT). If you get the OK then you'll have a chance to speak on whatever topic you want to bring up. You don't have to speak if you wish not to. Who ever is doing the speaking and is looking for feed back (FB) on whatever is his concerns you will if you wish be able to give him advice, encouragement, etc.
The healing circle on Sunday is usually for the GBTQ (Gay/Bi/Transgender/confused community. Their concerns will be addressed. However it is OPEN to anyone and you can bring up anything that you want to discuss.

The Wednesday one is for any subject. It runs the same rules as the Sunday one. It starts at 7pm Eastern and they run for two hours. Adjust the starting times for your time zone.

On Monday evenings there is a Round Table group, again moderated and in a safe room. Any topic is discussed usually. However this one starts at 7:30pm CENTRAL. Be in the chat room prior to 7:30pm and follow the instructions.

Take advantage of all the things offered here in MS.

As ever you will receive compassion, understanding, love & hope from your fraternal brothers. You will never be judged.

Wishing you all well in healing.

"I will take that lost boys hand, and I will lead him from the depths of darkness, into the sunshine, forever into eternity." As he is me.



I guess I won't be able to make it for a while. The only computer in the house that isn't too old and too slow for online chat is in the living room where there is no privacy.