Hawaii Male Survivor Group


We continue to meet monthly through online video chat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since we are online, we have opened up the group to a survivor from Japan. We hope to connect with other survivors throughout the Pacific Rim such as Japan, Guam, and other nations in Pasifika. Please share our email to those wishing to join a peer support group: [email protected]
What a wonderful interview that was televised. Thanks for sharing that link. I'm going to post it on the U.S. and World News forum so folks who don't visit this forum can view it.

What you're doing with the virtual meeting is exciting. I'm certainly one of the men here who has spoken about participating in such a group. You offer an email address to folks who wish to join a group. Are you open to mainland folks participating? I know there is a time difference, but it may work for some of us. I know from being host to a couple of Zoom meetings that there is an optimal size... when they get too big people can become a bit lost and what is needed for trauma survivors is space to be seen, heard and acknowledged. I expect you have a limit that you've come to with group members. But then perhaps you're thinking about having more than one meeting. Honestly, support like this is needed everywhere, around the world. Wouldn't it be amazing if that happened? Thank you for your efforts Andre.