Good Evening Everyone


New Registrant
Hey I finally have the courage to introduce myself. I am John from Upstate NY, married early 50’s. I was abused by a group of teenage boys who were my friends brother & his friends. This happened like 49 years ago. I was made to do things that were not appropriate for any young boy to do. I never told anyone until last year.
My nephews were abused by their uncle. He’s been convicted & is currently in a federal prison for 30 years. I was triggered by this all coming to light. I was a strong supporter of them & their mom my sister. While attending court etc it brought my abuse all back to me. I ended up seeking counseling online telemed. That was ok but I desperately needed more. I was at work and a coworker suggested that I reach out to her husband’s psychologist. I did. I seen him & he’s been amazing. Took over my meds and I’m much more comfortable now. I also do telemed every week w my counselor.
Welcome, & congrats on working up the courage to introduce yourself! We've all been there at one time or another & we know how intimidating it can be. You have found a great place to receive the support & understanding for all you have gone thru, & are continuing to go thru now as a result. I'm so sorry for what you experienced as a boy, but glad that you have gotten yourself help & found this site. Best of luck to you & take care!


It is a hard journey that I'm newly learning but this place does help and I have had some meaning comments and talks. I hope you can find peace with yourself.