Going to the Chaplain


I am in the Air Force Reserve and I recently just returned home from tech school. While at tech school my issues started to resurface and I started having anxiety attacks and my adrenaline would randomly spike. I was able to keep my bearing through all of it though mainly for the fear of getting discharged or sent to mental health. Three weeks before I graduated I went to the chaplain to tell him I needed spiritual guidance to help combat the issues. Once I was done telling him my story he was almost in tears from hearing it. For anyone who is wondering if they can go to the chaplain, everything you say to them is 100% confidential no matter what and the are one of the best places first places to go to talk about being a survivor .
So good to hear you say this, Judo. The first Rabbi I told had the same reaction.

I, too, believe in the chaplains. They are honest and caring individuals. I just couldn't tell them when I was in. Even about the MST.

I am SO glad you found some peace with him.