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I'm new to this website but I'm glad that I found it. My mother was my first abuser from the age of 2 or 3 up into my early teens. I'm not here to write my story because I'm not ready for that. I'm still in the process of dealing with feelings that arise from fragmented memories. They surface randomly and for some reason this last one that came up has sent me reeling.

I have a therapist and a psychiatrist to help me deal with this process and I'm thankful for that but I still feel so alone. I've told a few friends in general terms what has happened to me and not one of them said, "I'm sorry this has happened to you." They all tried to minimize my experiences or thought I was making it up.

I just had to post here because I don't want to be alone in dealing with this. I take one day at a time and each day I feel miserable, short of breath, my heart actually hurts like when you get a broken heart from a relationship.

Thanks guys for being here.


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Phoenix37 said:
not one of them said, "I'm sorry this has happened to you." They all tried to minimize my experiences or thought I was making it up.
Welcome to MS, my friend. Here, when you tell something, we believe you and if we have nothing else to offer at least you have our compassion for the hell and the hurt that you've been put through.

The reaction that I like the most from people in general when I relate about what my mother put me through is this one: "You need to get over that and just get on with your life." It's a wonder I'm not doing time for murder. LOL

I get what you're saying above and I do know how very frustrating it is to be met with such indifference. And yeah, how alone feeling it leaves us too.

I think that you will quickly discover that there are a great many of us here dealing with mother pain in some form or other and as a result we can relate to you and the hardship that this is causing your life. No one here is going to suggest to you that you should 'get over it'.

Share what you can as you feel able to and don't be afraid to ask any questions that you may have.

You are the third new member in a week to register at MS specifically because of issues relating to his mother - give you some idea?
Hi Phoenix,

Welcome to MS. Here you will find compassion, understanding and love. We all have been there, albeit in different ways. My first sexual abuser was my "mother" I was around 5 years old. She was the one who set me up to be sexually abused by a friend of the family.

We are not therapists, but who knows the pain better than us? Take your time, get to feel comfortable with your emotions. Take whatever information that pertains to you. We all might not agree with each other in some of their answers. But you get to pick and choose what's best for you.

So take your brothers (fraternal), friends (in pain's) hands we will try and help you along your/our way. I need every one of them. Here I am HOME.

Heal well Phoenix, my brother/friend.

Pete (Irishmoose)
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welcome to MS Phoenix

you're no longer alone - here you will find many people who really understand at the very deepest of levels because they too have lived through hurts very much the same as yours

I hope you find many new friends here

TJ jeff

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It's good to see you reaching out for support and that by being here you no longer feel alone, I hope that you find healing here, I know that I have.



Hi Phoenix,

Welcome to MS - thanks for joining!! I am sorry about your being sexually abused. You deserved for your Mother to protect and nurture you and not what happened. Everybody here looks forward to having you around.