Connecticut mom who poses as a teen girl to catch sexual predators speaks out in doc: ‘I have no choice’

Flori is a 15-year-old who enjoys taking selfies on Instagram and posting videos on TikTok, but she’s not real.

The teen is actually a 38-year-old mom of three determined to catch online sex offenders.

The child advocate, whose real name is Roo Powell, is chronicling how she stops predators who are looking to lure minors in a discovery+ docuseries, "Undercover Underage." The show follows Powell’s team as it works in collaboration with law enforcement to detect predators before they realize Powell isn’t who she claims to be...

I normally don't post, read or watch fox news but I wanted to share this out of relevance. i didnt realize it would be a series on discovery+ too? I didnt red much more rhan what I poster here. Feel free to click that link as it is the direct article link. ...maybe i'll find the trailer and post that here (if ya'll lucky) lol