Finding a hobby


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My work is the only thing that holds my interest long term since the asthma interferes with the tuba playing. I like stained glass and have made several suncatchers but can’t seem to stick with it long.... it comes and goes every so often. Luckily there is a guild I can join if Covid ever goes away and I can make suncatchers there without a set up at home.


I'm into photography and it helps to get out in nature and just 'get away' sometimes. But I still have to be in the mood to get myself up and going at times. Keep searching, you'll find something that will 'click' hopefully soon.


I found that when I actually schedule time for my hobby (fishing) that I do it. For a couple years now Sunday mornings from 6 to noon is my fishing time. Wife knows it, kids know it, work knows it. Most importantly I know it.
ok, I am going to reveal my nerdiness here..I started making soap this year. It has been kinda fun and actually turning out quite good with different scents and designs.
Love this... I guess we shouldn't be surprised that Photoman is into photography. That has been a big thing with me as well for the last 15 years. I too find peace with a camera in my hand but especially when in nature. I live near a watershed with many miles of hiking trails that I'll sometimes ramble with camera in hand. But, alas, my time on this and a few other website I've been visiting to attend to trauma have left two cameras sitting unused on the book case next to where I'm sitting. Remarkably, I started a conversation on a photography website ten years ago that is still going strong. I sometimes get inquiries about where I've gone, but I don't feel I want to share this journey with those photographer friends from around the world. I think it would be a good idea to pick up a camera and to play a bit. I'll take this thread as encouragement. Thanks.


I recently got started in drawing again after taking a break from it for many months. I took a break from it because it was entrenched in the ways I was acting out and the art was getting a little too nsfw.

Now I am in a better place than before.. I feel that my art as been redeemed in a way and I can pursue it apart from my acting out.
I occasionally try to make clothes for fashion dolls using long baby socks and create different hairstyles for the dolls. My favorite styles to do are taking pipe cleaners and wrapping the hair around the cleaner and bending the ends to hold the hair and dipping the hair in boiling water for a minute, blotting excess water with a towel, and letting it cool and dry for several hours and then unrolling the hair to get a perm look that even 80s kids would be jealous of. I also braid hair in small plaits and tie the ends with elastic bands and then dip the hair in boiling water and do the same thing to create crimped hair. I’ve managed to create a perfectly round Afro and Chaka Khan hair using these methods and the best part is the hair usually doesn’t get damaged or frizzy with only a certain type of material not working well with this method. That type of doll hair is only found on a few 90 Barbies and a few different Bratz doll lines and the hair on those dolls generally feel dry and coarse to begin with.


Guns cars and guitars are my main interests. Guns are what I collect the most of and have firearms going back to the founding of this country. Guitars I have over 1,500. Cars I own about 400 I keep in a large building. Most of my guitars are pre 60 and I own guitars back to the 1800's, I bought most before the vintage craze hit and made the prices soar on the pre 60 stuff. Of course vintage amps and gear goes along with this. Planes and helicopters are a hobby and a business line for me, I wont own or fly anything piston driven. Last is yachts which I am just getting into as a business. A few other hobbies like movies where I have a few thousand dvds and about 5,000 pieces of vinyl and about 7,000 compact discs of music.

For about 12 years I worked around the world doing food and architectural photography, still do it if the money is right. I still do aerial photography, my personal plane has cameras and video mounted and anywhere I am going I am doing stills and video I sell through my agents.

Shooting I do 2-3 days a week at home. I have fired over a million rounds of just 9mm that I personally loaded myself. I employ two people full time to clean my guns, load my ammo and load magazines for me due to arthritis. I used to shoot 3 days for about 8 hours but now I do 3 sessions with a max of 2-4K rounds with a time limit of 2 hours. Most weeks it is two sessions.

I can't read music or more like I don't want to read it because I can read it, can play from hearing a song or watching someone play and I can play about 3,000 songs from memory. I do not use picks at all, started playing acoustic without a pick and play electric without one. I have 4 luthier's full time maintaining the collection, a big benefit is they can play anything they want with only about 200 of the high value guitars off limits. I have a private concert venue I built that I allow friends to practice in and I own a studio that can seat a full orchestra. I play guitar at least 3 hours a day and my wife sits and listens a lot, I kind of like having a fan. I play piano a hour a day or so. I do session work from time to time. That is as close as I want to come to being in the business of music.

Cars I usually drive a different one every day, one day a Bently and the next it may be a Bugatti or a vintage muscle car. I have a dealer license for cars so I can just use one plate. I also deal in planes as well. I have 6 full time guys and gals who wash and service them for me. They are also responsible for driving them all at least once a month. There are also a few mechanics to do the service work. I rent out some cars for photo shoots. I have a crew that restores and customizes cars for me.

Airplanes and yachts i charter which means I make someone else pay for my hobby.

This is what keeps me grounded or mostly grounded. Without these things to consume most of my time I would be very destructive in my behaviors. Having a wife now consumes the rest of my time when I did destructive things to myself.