For the first time in history!

We can save the human race
by lying in front of the TV
and doing nothing.

Let's not screw this up!
nutter butters.... You mean like: Nutter butter peanut butter sandwich cookies??? Those were a beach favorite as a kid.
I'm starting to be jealous of y'all stuck at home.....

And to be fair, I stole the joke from a friend's facebook post.
Could you guys believe, that me, being an 80s teen, have never seen Licensed to Drive with Corey Haim and Cory Feldman? I just purchased it on Vudu. And I barely remember Lost Boys. I will be purchasing that movie as well. The only movie I remember well with Feldman was Stand.By Me, one of my all time favorites. And it still brings tears when i watch it
Not that I was an 80’s teen.... but... I don’t know any of those movies. Hahahaha. Probably #shelteredlife. Lol (not that I really get the whole hashtag thing either)