Filed my disability claim

On Monday, I filed my VA claim for the MST I suffered. Took me years, but I am nervous more than ever because now the shit hits the fan. Not sure if I will be believed and trying to make sure I have a plan if I am not. This is very early on in the process, so there is a lot more to go. Also relieved because I finally took action, whatever happens.
It takes great courage to stand-up on behalf of ourselves and that is what I see here. Yes, putting yourself in the hands of a military bureaucracy is a risky venture since we know these characters are more likely to cover butt than anything else. But this is about you speaking your truth. Glad you're sharing your journey here because speaking truth is something every one of us comes to eventually... however that may manifest. Good luck with this process Jaxson. You doubtless will have support from the men on this website.
Got a letter today informing me I have to appear before a board next month with my psych records and medical records. So there is movement.
Movement is good... a bureaucracy that moves much like molasses in January but movement none the less. Good luck with the hearing Jaxson.
Some disheartening news. I was told by a couple of disabled vets they were denied more than once. I am afraid that if that happens to me, I will take it as not being believed for the third time in my life. I hope not.
A close friend who applied for SSI, the federal disability program, was turned down on her first attempt. It seems some bureaucracies feel the need to test applicants to see if they're serious enough to stay engaged. When she applied for housing assistance it took four years. Eventually she was successful with both programs which have made a huge difference in her life.

It seems to be your calling Jaxson to help them learn about things they'd perhaps rather not know about. Those of us who know this territory have NO difficulty in believing what you share with us. Hang in there. Be strong. We've got your back.